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Lord of the Rings Elite icons

Lord of the Rings Elite Icons
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Welcome to Lord of the Rings Elite
Community Info

Welcome to lotr_elite!! This is a moderated posting access icon community, for the best of the best when it comes to Lord of the Rings icons. By the best, I mean icons without overly used coloring and textures, excessive sharpening, or icons with no variety whatsoever. Icons that catch your eye amongst the rest on a page, that you can't help but stare at. We're not looking for the biggest fandom icon makers or the quickest trend followers, but people with very good iconing skills, however your personal style might be. If you feel your icons are up to this standard, then feel free to apply for posting access. If you're just here to check out the icons, feel free to friend the community.

I AM looking for a co-mod, if you interested, let me know in your application.

DO NOT TRY TO JOIN THE COMMUNITY BY USING THE JOIN BUTTON! If you want to apply for posting access, do that, and if you're accepted, you will be send an invite. If you just want to look at the icons, you need to FRIEND the community :)
All attempts at joining by the LJ feature WILL BE REJECTED!

Your Mod:
Moraya // mesnica/syncedaffairs // email:mesnica(at)googlemail(dot)com

Community Rules

Rules for applying:

1. Apply at this post HERE.

2. Leave your LJ username if you will be posting under a different name than the one you are commenting with.

3. Post at least 5-10 samples (but no more than 15) of your most recent icon work directly into your comment. We are looking for consistency and good quality, so provide us with enough to get an idea of your skills. Not all of your sample icons need to be Lord of the Rings icons, but at least half of them should be. Give us some variety with your sample icons. The icons you post as samples may not be made with bases that aren't your own.

4. If you have an icon journal, please give us the name. In borderline cases, the possibility of being able to look at more of your work will help me a lot in making a good decision. However, please do not link us to a locked icon journal. If we go to your journal and it is friends-locked, we will automatically reject your application. This is an audition, and we will not jump through hoops just to see your application.

5. Allow us about 5-10 days to look over your work and make a decision. Patience is a virtue. Comments asking when your application will be reviewed are only likely to annoy us, so just don't. If you are rejected and want to know why, please say so in your application comment beforehand. If your application has no request for feedback beyond a yes or no, we will not give any. Your request for feedback must be in your original application. Don't comment back asking for feedback after we've rejected you.

6. Post "The road goes ever on" or something with that in it in the subject to let us know you've read the rules.

7. If you're accepted, you'll be send an invite to the community, and you may begin posting as soon as you wish. If you are rejected, don't get mad and pitch a fit at us. Don't take it personally, just continue to work, and with time you will have a better chance of making it in. You can re-apply after two weeks of your rejection. If you apply again before then, we will ignore your application until the two weeks are up.

Rules for posting:

1. Only post icons of Lord of the Rings directly to this community, or icons of the actors NOT in another movie. For example, a photo shoot picture turned into an icon of Orlando Bloom will go, but any icons of him in say Pirates of the Caribbean won't. You may link to a multi-fandom post in your own journal, but all teaser icons here have to be Lord of the Rings or Lord of the Rings actors NOT in another movie.
If you have a question, make sure to PM me or email me about it.

2. You ARE allowed to pimp other communities but only in combination with an icon post. Just add the name of the community at the bottom of your post. Do not overuse this though, we don't want to see this on every other post you make here. As a curtesy, we expect you to pimp this community in the community you are pimping here as well.

3. If you post more then 3 icons, make sure to post only 3 icons as a teaser and the rest behind a cut, or with a link to the post holding your icons.

Rules for borrowing icons:

1. ALWAYS CREDIT THE MAKER! This is a common LiveJournal etiquette that enables other when viewing your icons to be able to find the creator of the icons you are using, and keeps people from thinking that you claim to have made them yourself.

2. Do NOT hotlink any icons elsewhere. A lot of icon makers are paying for the space and bandwidth they're using, and even if they are using free services, those usually only have a specific allowed bandwidth. Hotlinked icons lead to ugly "bandwidth exceeded" banners, angry icon makers, and you looking like an idiot.

3. Comment if it is asked for. We icon makers really do like comments, because they encourage us to make more icons, as well as let us know what you all like best!


Want to affiliate with lotr_elite? Drop me a PM or email me.


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